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The Vacation Rental industry is witnessing spectacular growth and opportunities. Property Managers, OTAs, Institutional Investors, Municipalities and Property Technology Companies are all key actors within the space that need more insight to make better decisions.

This report builds on the answers of more than 500 European Property Managers to the European Vacation Rental Survey 2018 promoted by Transparent and its Partners between April and September 2018.

Now, with this report, you will finally be able to put numbers to the actual trends that are shaping this industry in Europe.

You are in good company:

"This is the largest survey that has ever taken place in the European Vacation Rental Market. Its results will help you understand what the real challenges are and take the necessary strategic decisions to help you maneuver through our industry."

Simon Lehmann
CEO / Co Founder at AJL Consulting GmbH

Simon Lehman

Content Index

About Respondents

  • Who answered
  • How many properties do they manage
  • In which countries are they based. Analysis by PM size (PM1, PM2-9, PM 10-49, PM 50-99, PM+100).
  • Where are their properties located (Urban, Seaside and Rural). Analysis by PM size and Country (Spain, Italy, UK, France, Portugal, Others).
  • Age of the business. Analysis by PM size, Location of Inventory, and Country.
  • Growth achieved. Analysis by PM size, Location of Inventory, and Country.
  • Ratios: Average of properties per employee (analyzed by PM size), Average of properties per homeowner the PM works with (analyzed by PM size), and Proportion of PMs belonging to a Property Management Association.

Operation & Services

  • Business Model. Split of PMs by business model (Gross Price, Fixed Rent and Net Price).
  • How different services are provided (Provided in house, provided in house but considering a partner, provided through a partner or not provided). Services analyze: Cleaning, Maintenance, Key Handling, Distribution, Guest Interaction, Tours & Activities.
  • Focus on how Cleaning is provided (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).
  • Importance of functions (ranked from 1 = non-important to 5 = very important). Functions analyzed: Finding new inventory, Managing cleaning, Setting prices, Distributing listings, Interacting with guests, and adhering to regulations.
  • Focus on the importance of finding new listings (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).

Marketing & Distribution

  • Split of PMs by their plans on increasing, reducing or keeping their marketing spending in 2018 vs 2017 (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).
  • Channel Distribution split: Direct, Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Others (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).


  • Use of use of: PMS, Channel Manager, Operations Manager, Keyless entry, Connected Thermostat, Guest Management and Smart Home Assistants.
  • Focus on PMS and Channel Manager (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).


  • How often do PMs update their rates: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).


  • Market split of PMs that have ever bought data on the Vacation Rental market. Details on annual data spending for those that replied.


  • Sentiment analysis (True or False) for the following statements: More tech would help lower our costs, Distribution costs are increasing, Finding qualified staff is increasingly difficult, New regulations will harm our business, Will need to raise the number of instantly bookable units, Competition will make us lower our commission, Costs are growing faster than revenues, Finding new listings is getting harder, We are contemplating acquiring other PMs to grow, Direct bookings are decreasing, Bookings are decreasing overall.
  • Focus on PMs sentiment on regulations possibly harm their business (analyzed by PM size, Country and Inventory Location).


If you are a Property Manager: Understand how other European Property Managers operate and grow, and get insights business model, marketing, distribution, technology, pricing, and data.

If you are a Vacation Rental Property Owner: Understand how a Professional Property Manager operates properties like yours, either to partner with one or even to start your own business in the space.

If you work in the Vacation Rental Industry: Property Managers are key to the professionalization of an activity that, despite its many difficulties and roadblocks, is growin in Europe.

If you work in Travel Research: You know how important Property Managers are to this sector and with the insights of more than 500 of their responses, you will be also able to quantify their operations.

If you are an Investor: You know already how the sector is heating up, and with this insight you will also be able to quantify how European Property Managers operate.

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